Friday, October 3, 2008

Font Obsessed

For many of us in the industry, October would be the start of our low peak season. A lot of exciting things have been happening and please do check back as we are planning new things for the upcoming year.

I have many real weddings to catch up on but for now, I would like to introduce a new font that I've been obsessed with! We recently purchased this about two weeks ago. Rachel Zoe collects vintage dresses. I am obsessed with collecting fonts and graphics (fortunately for our customers, fonts and graphics get used for new designs!). Once I'm obsessed with a font, nothing seems to compare! Here are some items that we recently designed with the new font (it would be the script).

This font is so lovely and beautiful to me because it mimics hand calligraphy. For our flat printed collection, you can add guest address printing in this font for $1.25 per envelope.