Thursday, March 20, 2008

Return Address Printing

Many of our customers don't realize that when they opt for return address printing as part of their invitation package, that we do something more than just print your address in black ink so I thought I'd share some examples! Since we have put up a picture of a set on the front page of the website, we have gotten many questions regarding return address printing. So yes, if you order return address printing with your invitations, we actually try to incorporate a design with it. Here is an example of the dandelion and the starfish:
And when the pattern is difficult to make a design, we still will at least put a decorative box around it:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Notecard Spotlight

Though we still can't reveal specifically who our first celebrity client is, I can post a picture of the baby notecards we designed for her use after her baby shower. Stay tuned as we launch our Baby section with a collection of thank you cards.

Monday, March 17, 2008

New Designs!

We've just added 2 new designs to the handmade section. Since the trellis in the "Classic" is so popular, we decided to incorporate it in an embellished version called the Desiree and Mark. I absolutely love the colors! The strawberry cover is so refreshing and the ink was a darker strawberry for the flowers. The inside allows for tucking of the enclosure cards on the left hand side.
The second new design is a variation of the Julianne and Brian in a horizontal version. I love this as well because of the tiffany colored cover (at Papterie, we sometimes have a hard time designing with colors other than pinecone or java just because it goes with everything!) and the white bow. This is so lovely for a classic and elegant wedding! The inside is designed in swirls and has a pocket for holding enclosure cards.

Of course, invitations in this collection are customizable with ink colors, over 30 cardstock colors, and ribbon colors. I can not wait to post more variations of the invitations in the handmade section that we have designed for different clients.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Invitation Spotlight - Tara K.

We have just finished letterpressed invitations for one of our wonderful clients. It turned out so beautifully that I just had to showcase it. The invitation is a variation of the "Sarah and Brady" in our handmade section. It was going to be flat printed originally but Tara decided to go for the letterpress and I'm so glad she did as greens are just so crisp with letterpress. The set was letterpressed in apple and java inks. The invitation is mounted onto apple cardstock with a chocolate ribbon band. The enclosure cards can be tucked in the back of the invitaiton underneath the ribbon.