Sunday, May 25, 2008

Planning a Baby Shower

My husband and I are hosting a baby shower for my brother in law in July. Yes, it's a hot month! It was difficult trying to figure out what time we should have the party start which also affected the location. So we decided to host it in our backyard with a Nantucket, summerish theme and I've enlisted the help of the fabulous event designer, Kelley Lee Gin from Picture Perfect Events to help turn my vision into reality. Here is a picture for inspiration. Kelley already has some wonderful ideas for decorating. We are having a taco station for food and are thinking of serving lemonade in glass jars. Not your typical theme for a baby shower, but I've never been known to do typical! Stay tuned in July for pictures on this event.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 websites!

Papeterie has partnered with for free wedding websites that match some of our wedding invitations from the Classic line. The websites are completely free and have come such a long way from the ones when I got married. You can now have a blog and add music along with tons of photos. Best of all, they match some of our most popular wedding invitations! Check out these designs in Trellis, Scroll Pattern, Damask Border and Palm Tree.